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Fence Styles

Good Neighbor (Board on Board)


The Good Neighbor (board on board) style of fence provides for excellent privacy. The boards are mounted on both sides of the rails and alternated to cover gaps.  Another advantage is that it looks the same from both sides, which makes for happy neighbors! 

Board on Board with Lattice


Create some additional style to your board on board fence by adding lattice, which comes in a diagonal and a horizontal/vertical pattern. This beautiful, finished look allows breezes to pass through providing comfort in warm weather. 

Horizontal Fence


One of the most popular and new styles of fence is the horizontal fence. Generally installed with 1x6 or 1x4 redwood conhart boards, this  horizontal board style is perfect for modern and contemporary home styles.  

Standard Redwood Fence (side by side)


Standard fences have side by side boards on one side of the frame.  One side has boards and one side shows the frame and posts 

Dog-Eared Fence


The dog-eared fence style is and economical choice. Dog-ear boards can be used in several styles, from privacy to shorter, picket-style. The term "dog-ear" applies to the shape of the top of the boards. Instead of a flat top, the boards have the corners sawed off. This fence is also considered a “good neighbor” fence.  

Piano Keys - Board on Board


The custom style of a piano key fence is constructed using using 2”x2” redwood toppers, while incorporating small spaces in between each piece.  It's a great choice if you want to stand out from your neighbors. 

Piano Keys with Scallops


A more decorative version of the piano key fence, this beautiful design with scallops is a customer favorite. 

Louvred Fence


Louvred fences are a great choice if you want privacy and a sophisticated, modern design.  The louvred fence is slanted so that they offer a good deal of privacy, while allowing air to pass through.  

Picket Fence


 Still a homeowners favorite, picket fences date back to the colonial days when they were built to keep chickens in the yard and to protect the garden.  Today, they come in enough different  

Vinyl Fencing


While  wooden fences require periodic maintenance, vinyl fencing is essentially care free. Vinyl fencing is a family friendly product made of non-toxic materials and is fully recyclable. Since the vinyl fencing is UV protected, it will not wilt or discolor under the sun's gaze. 

Ornamental Iron


 Ornamental fencing is a perfect solution if you are concerned about security, but wish to preserve a view and add style to their fence. Our iron fence panels, gates and railings are pre-galvanized to prevent rust and degradation. The main benefit of wrought iron is beauty, sturdy and security.  Unlike vinyl and wood, they cannot be easily broken through.    

Chain Link


Chain-link fences preserve your view, while providing security at the same time.  Chain link fences have been used for years to define property lines, enclose animals, and protect residential and business property. Chain link fence comes in two styles, a galvanized finish or a colored, vinyl coated finish with many colors to choose from.