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Fence Styles

Wood Fences

Board on Board
The Board on Board style of fence provides for excellent privacy and looks great. The boards are mounted on both sides of the rails and alternated to cover gaps. This style of fencing is also know as shadow box. Lasting privacy is one of the main advantages of a board-to-board fence over other fencing styles. Another advantage of this style of fence is that it looks the same from both sides, which makes for happy neighbors!

Board on Board with Lattice
Create some additional style to your fence by adding lattice to your board on board fence. Lattice comes in a diagonal pattern and a horizontal/vertical pattern, providing your fence with a beautiful, finished look.  Once again, board on board gives a fully-closed fence surface look and full privacy visually.  In addition, breezes are allowed to pass through with less resistance, putting less stress on the integrity of the fence while offering greater comfort in warm weather.

Solid Board Fences
Solid Board Fences are installed side by side. The sections of the fence alternate with the frame side showing and a smooth boarded side showing. This type of alternating panel fence is more widely known as a "good neighbor” fence.

Dog Eared Fences
The dog-eared fencing style remain a popular and economical choice. Dog-ear boards can be used in several styles of fencing, from privacy to shorter, picket-style spaced fencing The term "dog-ear" applies to the shape of the top of the boards. Instead of a flat top, the boards have the corners sawed off, providing a "dog-ear" shape, or half-hexagonal shape, to the top of the boards. The Dog-Ear fence also lends itself very well as a “good neighbor” fence. 
Other Fence Types

Wrought Iron Fences
Wrought iron fencing is a perfect solution for customers concerend about their security, but wishing to preserve a view and add style to their fence. Our iron fence panels, gates and railings are pre-galvanized to prevent rust and degradation. The main benefit of wrought iron is beauty, sturdy and security.  Unlike vinyl and wood, they cannot be easily broken through.

Vinyl Fences
While standard wooden fences tend to rot with age and require continuous staining and or painting, vinyl fencing is essentially care free. Vinyl fencing has been on the market since 1984, having been developed, designed, and tested since the 1950's. Vinyl fencing is a family friendly product made of non-toxic materials and is fully recyclable. Nearly all manufacturers of vinyl siding offer a lifetime guarantee on their product. Since the vinyl fencing is UV protected, it will not wilt or discolor under the sun's gaze. Since vinyl fencing wears better and carries a lifetime guarantee, experts believe that over time a vinyl fence will run about one-third the cost of a similar wooden fence.

Chain Link Fences
Chain-link fences preserve your view, while providing security at the same time.  Chain link fences have been used for years to define property lines, enclose animals, and protect residential and business property.  Also referred to as a cyclone fence, it is a popular choices for both residential and commercial fence applications.  Chain link fence comes in two styles, a galvanized finish or a colored, vinyl coated finish with many colors to choose from. The advantage of chain link is its low mainteance and a vareity of gauge sizes to accomodate all of your needs.